This colony has existed for over a century. Remarkably, this seal colony is only one of two such places along the Southern California coast that is readily accessible to the public. The seal colony is a special place for the residents of Carpinteria, whose goal is to make certain the colony is preserved so that future generations may enjoy watching the seals as they nurture their young or haul out to rest. Pacific harbor seals are "true" seals: on land, they move like big blubbery caterpillars; in the water, they swim with their hind flippers.The harbor seals usually bear their young in February and March. Few pups are born as early as December or as late as May. The pups usually weigh 12 to 15 pounds at birth. By the time they are four to six weeks old, when they are weaned, they can weigh 35 to 50 pounds or more.Harbor seals feed on fish, octopuses, some crabs, and other bottom-dwelling organisms. They can dive well over 1000 feet and stay down for more than 45 minutes.Harbor seals generally return to the same haul-out area year after year. They usually live and feed within a day's swim of the colony. Harbor seals can live more than 40 years. An adult harbor seal can weigh over 300 pounds. There are a few visible differences between males and females.